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Teeth Restoration

A cavity restoration is a dental process in which the functionality of your tooth is repaired. Cavity restoration is normally handled through the process of dental fillings. A dental filling can be made of a few different materials:


  • Porcelain: This specific material is used as an inlay or onlay and produced in a laboratory where it will later be bonded onto your tooth to improve the functionality and integrity of your tooth


  • Gold: Gold Inlays are made through the same process as porcelain inlays and are handled well by your gums. Gold inlays normally last more than 20 years with proper hygiene care of your teeth


  • Silver: Silver fillings may be the most durable material for cavity restoration but are the least aesthetically pleasing material. They are highly visible in comparison to porcelain or composite resin.


  • Composite Resin: Composite resin is commonly used to match the color of your teeth therefore placed in areas of your mouth that are most visible when you talk or smile. Composite resin is prone to stain from food or coffee and is not as durable as other filling materials so it is extremely important to take proper care and brush thoroughly to keep the composite resin similar color to the rest of your natural teeth.