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Dentures are used as a way to fill in for missing teeth. Partial and full dentures are available if you decide not to get a crown or bridge. There are a few options when receiving dentures :


  • Overdenture - This is the alternative to having crowns. An overdenture will have select teeth attach to a wire that will fill in for the exact teeth missing. The wire will be supported by the remaining teeth in your mouth.


  • Immediate - This denture is placed in your mouth the same day your remaining teeth are removed. You may have the denture in your mouth while your gums are healing but the denture itself may need to be resized in a later visit.


  • Conventional - This denture is placed in your mouth once the healing period is over. Waiting for you gums to fully heal can take several months


A common misconception with dentures is that because they're fake teeth, you don't need to brush them. Dentures stain just like dentures and plaque must be removed on a daily basis to keep them from deteriorating and staining. Along with cleaning your dentures, make sure to keep your gums and surrounding areas of your mouth clean to avoid irritation and foul breath.